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Explore our dishes

Experience the best in traditional Greek recipes, with only the freshest ingredients and freshly baked house bread and pita.  We also feature many vegetarian dishes and some dishes can be made vegan.
Our menus are online and for PDF download here:
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Taverna Salad
Grilled Jumbo Shrimp
Feta with olives & Greek wine


Taramosalata Dip

Red caviar, lemon juice, olive oil, onions


Melintzanosalata Dip

Baked eggplant, sesame oil, garlic, lemon



Fresh yoghurt, cucumber, fresh mint, garlic


Hummus Dip

Chick peas, tahini, garlic, lemon



Tomato, spring onions, parsley, cracked wheat, basil


Grilled Japanese Eggplant

Served over a sauce of fresh tomato, garlic, and basil


Lamb & Veal Sausage

An old Greek recipe with a hint of orange peel.  Delicious!


Keftethes (Meatballs)

Garlic, onion, oregano, fresh herbs



Grape leaves stuffed with rice and freshly ground meat, greens and rice over lemon sauce


Flaming Saganaki Cheese

Sauteed kefalograyere flamed with cognac


Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail Santorini - Taverna Style

Jumbo shrimps, olive oil, lemon, spring onions, feta, tomato


Calamari (Fried, Athenian Style)

Tenderest calamari available, dipped in a light batter


Baby Octopus (Charcoal Grilled - Corfu Style)

Olive oil, lemon, kalamata olives, spring onions



Delicious fried little fish



Blended feta and fresh spinach baked in fillo pastry



Blended herbed feta baked in fillo pastry



Steamed greens with olive oil and lemon


Feta & Kalamata Olives

Olive oil, oregano, black pepper


Crab Cakes Pireas (Two)

Everything you know about crab cakes, and more!



Basket of grilled pita bread (serves two)

Home-made fresh pita, grilled to perfection


Taverna Fries

Home-made Greek-style fries, sprinkled with kefalotiri cheese, oregano, and cracked pepper

Soups & Salads


Avgolemono Soup

Home-made chicken soup finished with egg and lemon


Lentil Soup

Fresh tomato, celery, carrots, garlic, onions, herbs and spices


Psarosoupa (Fish Soup)

A variety of fresh seafood, herbs, and vegetables (tomato based)


Greek Peasant Salad

Crisp lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, bell peppers, spring onions, feta, and olives.  Served with our secret recipe dressing.


Taverna Salad

Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, spring onions, bell peppers, feta, and olives.  Served with our secret recipe dressing.


Greek Californian Salad

(with grilled chicken, $23.95)
Tender mixed greens, sun-dried tomatoes, walnuts, avocado, and goat cheese.  Served with our secret recipe dressing.


Garithosalata (Shrimp Salad)

Chilled jumbo shrimp and avocado over our delicious peasant salad.


Caesar Salad

Our version of the all-time classic with shaved Greek kefalotiri cheese

Taverna Sandwiches & Burgers
(lunch only)

All sandwiches are served with sliced tomatoes, red onion, and tabouli


Fresh grilled chicken breast sandwich


Rotisserie baby lamb sandwich - An unforgettable experience!


Grilled fresh fish sandwich


Grilled vegetables, avocado, and goat cheese sandwich


Grilled burger, taverna style (with or without feta) - Tony's specialty

Traditional delicacies

Main dishes include fresh vegetables of the day, Greek-style roasted potatoes, and rice pilaf

Taverna Salad
Grilled Jumbo Shrimp
Feta with olives & Greek wine


Moussaka (deep dish)

Layers of eggplant, zucchini, ground beef, tomato, bechamel sauce, grated cheese



Grape leaves stuffed with rice and freshly ground meat, different greens, and Herbs. Topped with lemon sauce.


Vegetarian's Paradise

Hummus, tzatziki, melintzanosalata, tabouli, spanakopita, tiropita, feta cheese, horta


Pastichio (deep dish)

Greek-style lasagna with macaroni, ground beef, tomato, bechamel sauce, grated cheese


Taverna Combination Platter

Domathes, moussaka, pastichio, spanakopita, tiropita, baby lamb



Every vegetarian's favorite!

Fresh Seafood


Fresh Fish of the Day
(Chef's Choice)

Light fresh tomato sauce, celery, onions, garlic, carrots, spring onions, fresh herbs


Jumbo Shrimps
(Taverna Style)

Rich tomato sauce, garlic, spring onions, fresh herbs, feta


Grilled Mediterranean Bass
(Whole-fish - Greek-style)

Olive oil, garlic, lemon, fresh herbs


Grilled Salmon (Wild Caught)

Olive oil, lemon, garlic, fresh herbs


Grilled Center-cut Swordfish

Olive oil, lemon, garlic, fresh oregano



Fettuccini Salonica

(with Jumbo Shrimp or Chicken $25.95)
Fresh cream, assorted mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes


Linquini Anixiatiko

Linguini topped with an array of spring vegetables, light tomato sauce, aromatic spices, and feta cheese


The Greek Angel

Angel hair pasta, tomato sauce, fresh herbs, garlic, spring onions


Shrimp Pasta (Pasalimani)

Jumbo shrimmp, capellini, rich tomato sauce, garlic, spring onions, feta

Fresh from our rotisserie & grill


Roast Baby Lamb Kleftiko

Baby lamb, slow-roasted with herbs, garlic, onions, and oregano. A house specialty that melts in your mouth.


Lamb Tenderloin
(House Specialty)

Charcoal grilled, deliciously spiced with a light black peppercorn sauce


Rach of Baby Lamb
(Whole Rack)

Flavoured with a hint of garlic, oregano, and a light peppercorn sauce


Lamb Loin Souvlaki

Tender cubes flavoured with a hint of garlic, oregano, and lemon


Lamb Chops
(Fresh Domestic Lamb)

Flavoured with a hint of garlic, oregano, and lemon


Chicken Breast Souvlaki
(Skinless & Boneless Kebab)

Tender cubes flavoured with a hint of garlic, oregano, and lemon


Lamb & Chicken Breast Souvlaki (Kebab)

Tender cubes flavoured with a hint of garlic, oregano, and lemon


Grilled Quail

Three fresh quail served over a bed of sauteed greens


Chicken Oreganato

Half chicken with herbs, spices, lemon, and garlic


Grilled Vegetable Platter

Eggplant, zucchini, bell-peppers, tomato, mushrooms, Spring onions, and more!  Brushed with olive oil and lemon.

The Greek Feast

$33.95 Per Person, Minimum Two Orders (dinner $49.95)
Our traditional Greek feast includes 15 different house specialties served on separate dishes, including:
Salads | Dips | Hot Appetizers | Pastas | Seafood

Include chicken and baby lamb for $49.95 (dinner $56.95)
Fresh fish instead of baby lamb for an additional fee

Include assorted sweets and coffee/tea for an additional $7.00



Fresh, home-made baklava



The byzantine aristocrat of pastry desserts.  Pistachios, almonds, and walnuts in layers of honey-laced filo.



A superb delicate semolina custard pie in crisp filo pastry, served warm with honey and dusted with cinnamon and powdered sugar


Rice Pudding

Rice pudding doesn't come better than this recipe.  Handed down through four generations in Tony's family, this creamy rice pudding is made with raisins and dusted lightly with cinnamon.



For real chocolate lovers.  Layers of Belgium chocolate, laced with metaxa cognac.



Our award-winning version of the timeless Italian classic



A Sicilian classic with semifreddo cream, chocolate & zabaglione ice-cream, filled with pieces of candied fruit



Home-made yoghurt sprinkled with walnuts and laced with imported Hymetus honey. Dusted with fresh ground cinnamon.


Athenian Cheesecake

A 2,500 year old recipe created by famed poet and gourmet Archestratus, delicately made with mizithra and other cheeses to a creamy perfection


Ice Cream

(with fresh, seasonal berries $9.95)
The finest quality French vanilla bean ice-cream



An assortment of freshly cut fruits in season

Taverna Specialty Coffees & More

(other specialty coffees available upon request)

Greek-Turkish Coffee
Your fortune is in every cup.  Ask for sketo (no sugar), metrio (medium), or gliko (sweet)
Iced Cafe Frappe
The Greek original!  Ask for sketo (no sugar), metrio (medium), or gliko (sweet)
Freshly Brewed Coffee
Regular or decaf
Single or Double
Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Cafe O'Lait
The classics, served just as you love them
Taverna Coffee
A blend of Kahlua, Bailey's, Frangelico, Metaxa, and fresh whipped cream
Regular or herbal

After-dinner Drinks

We offer a wide selection of after-dinner drinks which include Greek brandies, cognac and armagnac, grappa, ports, and single barrel / small batch bourbon.

We also feature 20 types of tequila, 20 types of vodka, over 20 types of ouzo, and a unique martini selection.

Enjoy our wines

Greek White Wines

Vin De Crete
Light, dry table wine

Light, medium dry table wine

Dry white, with a resin aroma

Santorini Asyritico
Light, medium dry - very pleasant

Tsantali Agioritikos
Produced by monks, a favorite among Greeks

Flowery nose, elegant finish, crisp

Light, well balanced, very pleasant

Sweet, superb desset wine (the Greek sauterne)

Greek Red Wines

Vin De Crete
Light, dry table wine

Light, medium dry table wine

Naoussa Boutari
Dry, pinot noir characteristics

Nemea St. George (Agioritiko)
Aged, abundant fuit with rich finish

Cava Amethystos Cabernet
Ruby colored, winner of many top awards

Skouras Cabernet
100% rich cabernet - excellent!

Megas Oenos
One of Greece's best red wines

Rich chocolate cherry and smoked wood finish

Sweet, superb dessert wine

Greek Merlot

Hints of red forest fruits, blackbery, and gooseberry

Chateau Julia
Ruby, velvety, complex aroma, hint of berries


(Rose) Medium dry, light fruit

Tsantali Agioritikos
Produced by monks, a favorite among Greeks

Blackbird (Napa)
French style, tangy, citrus and cherry flavors


Sonoma Cutrer (Russian River)
Robert Mondavi (Napa)
Silverado (Napa)
Ferrari - Carano (Sonoma)
St. Supery (Napa)
Kendall - Jackson "Grand Reserve"
Cakebread Cellars (Napa)
Far Niente (Napa)
J. Lohr "Riverstone" (Monterey)


Hogue Cellars (Washington)
B. V. Coastal
Stags Leap (Napa)
Sebastiani (Sonoma County)
Blackstone (Napa)
Markham (Napa)
St. Francis (Sonoma)
Rutherford Hill (Napa)
Coppola Blue Label (Diamond Series)
Clos Du Bois (Sonoma) 1/2 bottle

cabernet sauvignon

Hahn (Monterey)
Wild Horse (Central Coast)
Medlock Ames (Alexander Valley)
Freemark Abbey (Napa)
Robert Mondavi (Napa)
Kenwood "Jack London" (Sonoma)
Close Pegase (Napa)
Chimney Rock (Napa)
Sequoia Grove (Napa)
Jordan Vineyards (Alexander Valley)
B. V. "Georges De Latour" (Napa)
J. Lohr (Seven Oaks) 1/2 bottle

champagne & sparkling wines

Domaine Chandon Brut (Napa)
"Tattinger" Domaine Carneros
Moet & Chandon "Imperial" (FR)
Mumm Cordon Rouge
Veuve Clicquot (Ponsardin Reims (FR)
Dom Perignon "Epernay" (FR)
Cristal Louis Roederer (FR)
Cristal Rose Louis Roederer (FR)

other white wines

Lincourt Sauvignon Blanc (Santa Barbara)
Kenwood Sauvignon Blanc
Robert Mondavi "Reserve" Fume Blanc
Chateau St. Michelle J. Reisling
Fetzer White Zinfandel
Pinot Grigio, Santa Margherita

other red wines

The Prisoner (Napa)
King Estates Pinon Noir (Oregon)
Robert Stemmler Pinot Noir (Sonoma)
Byron Pinot Noir (Santa Maria)
Concannon Vineyards Petite Syrah (Livermore)
Opus One
Joseph Phelps (Insignia)
Joseph Phelps Cabernet